Yamaha MSR800 Active Subwoofer Speaker

Yamaha MSR800 Active Subwoofer Speaker


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This 800-watt Powered Subwoofer is an Ideal Match for the MSR400 … Or Any Other System.  This is the perfect powered subwoofer for the MSR-series speakers, delivering enhanced lows smooth, natural crossover.

Brawn and Beauty To Match the MSR400
The MSR800W was developed with the same basic concepts as the MSR400 powered speaker: sophisticated design and powerful sound. With brawn and beauty that are a perfect match for the MSR400, the MSR800W is the ideal way to extend the low end and sonic impact of an MSR400 system … or any other system for that matter. It will integrate smoothly into existing speakers systems to deliver enhanced low-end in any live-sound application.

Up To 800 Watts from a 15-inch Woofer in a Bass Reflex Enclosure
With its bass reflex enclosure housing a 15-inch woofer and powerful built-in amplifier the MSR800W delivers solid lows with up to 800 watts of power (burst; 500 watts continuous). These are thunderous lows that you can feel, delivering the bass impact you need for dance music or live concerts.

Thru and Bypass Outputs
The rear panel provides Thru and Bypass outputs that can be used to connect the MSR800W to other speakers in a variety of setups. Even if your mixer does not have a dedicated subwoofer output, the Bypass output makes it easy to construct a high-performance subwoofer system.

80 to 100 Hz High-pass Filter
The MSR800W has a frequency range of 40 to 120 Hz. It provides excellent coverage of the ultra-low range that's vital for commanding kick drum and bass sounds. A steep 18 dB/octave high-cut filter lets you adjust the upper roll-off of the frequency range reproduced by the sub-woofer from 80 to 100 Hz, for ideal matching with your source and the style of music you're reproducing.

Peak LED for Visual Level Monitoring
In addition to the green LED that lights when the power is turned on, there's a peak LED that lights red when an input overload occurs. This provides a visual indication of excessive input, allowing you to adjust the input level appropriately.

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Dimensions Width 600mm
Height 521mm
Depth 590mm
Weight Weight 45kg