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Worcester Academy of Music has long been established as one of the finest tuition centre's in Worcestershire - teaching children & adults for over 30 years. We have an experienced team of teachers who are first and foremost musicians themselves and whose passion it is to encourage & develop peoples potential through music.

We currently offer lessons on Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums & Theory. Lessons are taught on a one-one basis giving each student the teacher’s sole focus during the lesson. Cranes has five music studios fully equipped with the latest keyboards, digital pianos, acoustic pianos, guitars & drums.

Lessons with a difference

We listen to what the aspirations are of the student, what it is exactly they want to get out of the lessons, what music they'd like to play - with all this in mind, whether a beginner or advanced player, or someone returning to playing, the teachers will adapt the lesson to suit whilst continuing to teach the fundamentals of music.

Learn just for fun or take Exams - long gone are the days where every student is made to do exams & relentlessly practice scales until their fingers drop off!! You can purely learn to play for the sheer enjoyment of it or if you’d like to take exams, our teachers can prepare you for exams with ABRSM, Trinity College, Rock & Pop, Rock School - the choice is yours!!