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TGI SP1 Sustain Pedal
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TGI SP1 Sustain Pedal Momentary footswitch. Ideal for use as keyboard sustain pedal. Switchable p..
Yamaha PA130 Adapter
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Yamaha PA-130A power adapter suitable for use with the following Yamaha instruments: PSRE333..
TGI SP2 Piano pedal Style Sustain Pedal
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TGI SP2 Piano pedal Style Sustain Pedal Piano Style sustain pedal with switchable polarity which ..
Yamaha FC5
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A compact version of the FC4, the FC5 performs similar to an acoustic piano’s sustain pedal providin..
Yamaha PA150 Adapter
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For use with Yamaha Portable Keyboards and other Yamaha products - please check your owner's manua..
Yamaha FC4 Heavy Duty Sustain Pedal
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Piano-style sustain pedal. For those electronic keyboards with an input jack labeled "SUSTAIN,"..
Yamaha LP1 Pedal Unit for P515
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The LP-1 features three piano-style pedals for the same kind of sustain, sostenuto and soft control ..
Yamaha FC3A Sustain Pedal With Half-Damper
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Yamaha's foot pedals are known for their fantastic build quality and realistic feel. The FC3 expands..
Yamaha FC7 Expression Pedal
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The FC7 is an expression controller that allows you to adjust the volume and even the effects of you..