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Yamaha CLP765GP Clavinova Digital Piano



All finishes available to order. Please Contact us for more information


    Polished EbonyPolished White


    Colour: Polished White

    CLP-765GP Clavinova digital piano

    Enjoy the luxurious appearance of a grand piano cabinet with a polished finish, as well as grand piano touch and tone.

    Convenience Only Digital Pianos Can Deliver

    Clavinova pianos are loaded with convenient features only digital pianos can deliver. You can use headphones to keep your surroundings quiet, or connect a Bluetooth® device to you Clavinova for playback through its speakers. Also, connect to Yamaha’s app, Smart Pianist, to gain extra help for your piano practice. The simple control panel makes it easy to change piano settings.

    The CLP Series of digital pianos utilizes cutting-edge technology to recreate the experience of performing on a grand piano, allowing the pianist to play the keys with many variations of speed and depth to achieve an unlimited variation in tone and create uniquely personal performances. With expressive capabilities approaching those of a grand piano, the CLP-700 Series is sure to make playing the piano so much more enjoyable than ever before.


    Featuring the latest GrandTouch/GrandTouch-S keyboards with a broad dynamic range of touch and response on the level of a grand piano. Excellent consistency and nuanced expression give the pianist the utmost control over touch.


    Grand Expression Modeling is a groundbreaking new technology that enables the pianist to use their techniques to produce the limitless tonal variation unique to grand pianos. The ability to vary the intensity and speed of touch to produce different tones adds another dimension to the joy of musical expression.

    Sound Quality

    Virtual Resonance Modeling performs real-time modeling of the sympathetic resonance created by the behavior of the strings and body of the instrument—the foundation of the beautiful sound of a genuine grand piano. Also, the latest acoustic design technology delivers lifelike concert grand piano tone and resonance to your home for you to enjoy.

      • CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial piano samples
      • CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial Binaural sampling
      • 2 x forte piano Voices
      • Improved VRM (Virtual Resonance Modeling)
      • Grand Expression Modeling
      • Smooth Release, Key-off samples
      • 256-note polyphony
      • 38 Voices
      • GrandTouch-S keyboard with synthetic ebony and ivory keytops (wood is used for the white keys)
      • Escapement
      • 128 x 64 full dots LCD
      • Dual /Split / Duo
      • Digital effects (reverb / Chorus/ Brilliance /Effect)
      • 21 Voice Demo Songs + 50 Piano Songs + 303 Lesson songs
      • 20 Rhythms
      • 16-track recording, USB Audio Recorder
      • USB to HOST and USB to DEVICE
      • 30w x 2 amplifier
      • 16cm x 2 speaker system
      • Built-in Audio Bluetooth receiver / Bluetooth MIDI


      DimensionsWidth1,430 mm (56-5/16")
      Height932 mm (36-11/16")
      Depth1,147 mm (45-3/16")
      WeightWeight106 kg (233 lb, 11 oz)
      Control Interface
      KeyboardNumber of Keys88
      TypeGrandTouch-S keyboard: synthetic ebony and ivory key tops, escapement
      Touch SensitivityHard2/Hard1/Medium/Soft1/Soft2/Fixed
      88-key Linear Graded Hammers-
      PedalNumber of Pedals3: Damper (with half-pedal function), Sostenuto, Soft
      FunctionsSustain (Switch), Sustain Continuously, Sostenuto, Soft, Pitch Bend Up, Pitch Bend Down, Rotary Speed, Vibe Rotor, Song Play/Pause
      GP Response Damper Pedal-
      DisplayTypeFull Dots LCD
      Size128 x 64 dots
      LanguageEnglish, Japanese
      Key CoverKey Cover StyleSliding
      Music RestYes
      Music BracesYes
      Tone GenerationPiano SoundYamaha CFX, Bsendorfer Imperial
      Binaural SamplingYes (CFX Grand and Bsendorfer voices only)
      Key-off SamplesYes
      Smooth ReleaseYes
      Grand Expression ModelingYes
      PolyphonyNumber of Polyphony (Max.)256
      PresetNumber of Voices38
      Brilliance7+ User
      Master Effect12
      Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC)Yes
      Stereophonic OptimizerYes
      PresetNumber of Preset Songs21 voice demo songs + 50 classics + 303 lesson songs
      RecordingNumber of Songs250
      Number of Tracks16
      Data Capacityapprox. 500 KB/Song
      Compatible Data FormatPlaybackSMF (Format 0, Format 1)
      RecordingSMF (Format 0)
      Piano RoomYes
      USB Audio RecorderPlayback.wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)
      Recording.wav (44.1 kHz sample rate, 16-bit resolution, stereo)
      Overall ControlsMetronomeYes
      Tempo Range5 - 500
      Transpose-12 - 0 - +12
      Tuning414.8 - 440.0 - 466.8 Hz (approx. 0.2 Hz increments)
      Scale Type7 types
      BluetoothAudio/MIDI (varies by country)
      Storage and Connectivity
      StorageInternal MemoryTotal maximum size approx. 1.4 MB
      External DrivesUSB flash drive
      ConnectivityHeadphonesStandard stereo phone jack (x 2)
      MIDI[IN] [OUT] [THRU]
      AUX INStereo Mini
      AUX OUT[L/L+R] [R]
      AUX Pedal-
      USB TO HOSTYes
      DC IN24 V
      Amplifiers and Speakers
      Amplifiers(50 W + 42 W) x 2
      Speakers(16 cm + 5 cm) x 2
      Power Supply
      Power Consumption30 W (When using PA-500 AC adaptor)
      Auto Power OffYes
      Power SupplyAdaptorsPA-500
      AccessoriesOwner's Manual, "50 Classical Music Masterpieces" Music Book, Online Member Product Registration, Warranty*, Bench*, Power cord*/AC adaptor* PA-500 *varies by area


        Anyone can enjoy the piano more with Smart Pianist, a dedicated app for smart devices that provides various music-related functions when connected with your instruments.

        *For Android user: Please refer to the compatible android device list below

        *If you are using iPad pro 12.9 inch 3rd generation or iPad pro 11inch, please use Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter or Apple USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter. For further information, please refer to iPhone/iPad connection manual below.


        Easy Voice selection and Easy settings

        In addition to selecting piano voices, you can use Smart Pianist to adjust parameters such as reverberation from echoes in performance venues, and other factors that affect the sound of the piano.

        You can use the layer function to overlay voices, or the split function to play different voices with the left and right hands, playing multiple voices simultaneously to create performances with a pleasingly full sound.

        A range of functions such as Transpose, Tuning, Pedal and acoustic settings can be configured easily and intuitively.

        *Voice selection and configurable functions may differ depending on the model.


            Backing band accompaniment that you can sing along with (CSP Series only)

            Enjoy accompaniment from a dynamic backing band, even when you’re playing by yourself. The accompaniment provides a wide variety of patterns across a range of genres to match your performance. You can also connect a microphone and sing along with harmony functions that allow you to automatically create a chorus backup for your performances, even when you’re singing alone.

            Backing band accompaniment that you can sing along with (CSP Series only) Backing band accompaniment that you can sing along with (CSP Series only)

              A variety of piano lesson pieces

              With the app, you can play back song data such as Preset songs and commercially available songs.

              Not only can you enjoy playing back Songs, but you can also practice along with them as they’re playing back.

              The app shows the notation of hundreds built-in MIDI songs, and even you can enjoy additional songs for purchase from Yamaha MusicSoft(

              A variety of piano lesson pieces A variety of piano lesson pieces

                Play your favorite songs right away with the “Audio To Score” function

                Smart Pianist features an "Audio To Score" function that automatically creates a piano accompaniment score from songs on your smart device, allowing you to enjoy playing along with your favorite tunes.

                “Audio To Score” function is available only for CSP - series and CVP-805 / 809 / 809GP.

                Play your favorite songs right away with the “Audio To Score” function

                  Play your favorite songs right away with chord progression

                  Play your favorite songs right away with the "Audio to Score" function, which automatically creates chord progressions based on the audio songs in your smart device.

                  Play your favorite songs right away with chord progression

                  3 Months Free Flowkey Offer


                  Have you always dreamt of playing piano or keyboard? Alongside online courses, private lessons with a piano teacher or classes in a music school, there are also other options: Start learning how to play your favourite songs on your Yamaha piano or keyboard right now, at your own pace and whenever you have time – with Yamaha and flowkey.

                  flowkey is one of the world’s most popular apps for learning to play the piano. Even beginners can learn to play a wide array of songs on their acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard in next to no time. The flowkey piano app is the ideal companion for those starting to learn the piano. Choose your favourites from a wide range of songs and start playing right away or learn in the traditional way with one of the many tutorials available.

                  All you need to do is:

                  • register your new acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard on the Yamaha Music Member Europe (YMME) portal

                  • obtain your individual code from the members’ portal

                  • enter your code when registering on the flowkey website.

                  You will then have premium access to the app free of charge for three months.

                  Free 5 year guarantee* on AvantGrand and Clavinova (CSP/CLP/CVP) pianos

                  *Please register your instrument within 6 months of date of purchase in order to extend your guarantee from two years to five years. This extended guarantee is available on all new pianos in the AvantGrand range ( NU1X, N1, N1X, N2, N3X) and all Digital Pianos in the Clavinova range (CSP-150/CSP-170/CLP-625/CLP-635/CLP-645/CLP-665GP/CLP-675/CLP-685/CLP-695GP/CLP-785/CLP-775/CLP-745/CLP-735/CLP-795GP/CLP-765GP/CVP-701, CVP-805/CVP-809/CVP-809GP) with a date of purchase between 1st April 2020 and 31st March 2021.

                  The guarantee extension is only valid if the original purchase receipt is submitted together with the guarantee extension certificate at the time of any claim.

                  This extended guarantee is only valid in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom