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Yamaha CVP309 Clavinova Pre-Owned


was £1,899.00



Colour: Polished Ebony


Two superb pre-owned models available in either polished mahogany or ebony.

Capturing the ultimate piano sound, CVP Series models feature stereo samples of a specially selected Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand. And the natural wood keyboard offers incredible touch response. But that’s not all. The extra-large LCD makes operation incredibly easy and offers score display for more performance versatility and learning support than ever before. All this contained within a beautifully finished cabinet to grace any environment.

• 88-key Natural Wood Keyboard
• 640x480 Resolution colour LCD with grand piano-style fallboard
• Score/lyrics display function
• 3-Step Dynamic Stereo Sampling tone generation with stereo sustain samples, key-off samples and string resonance
• 128+128 note polyphony (main tone generation + style tone generation
• 451 preset panel voices (with the ability to customise and design your own sounds)
• Organ flute control
• XG/GM/GM2/GS/Disk Orchestra compatible
• Digital effects section
• Powerful EQ
• Vocal Harmony
• Includes Mega Voice Technology
• 456 accompaniment styles and rhythms, each with 4 variations
• Music Finder
• Guide-light function
• 16 track recording
• Karaoke function
• iAFC - Instrumental Active Field Control for incredible depth of sound
• 2x 60W + 2x 20W amplifier speaker system
• Optical, USB, Video, Headphone and SmartMedia connections