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Learn to play PIANO - GUITAR - DRUMS with our proffessional  teachers

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Keyboard Lessons Worcester

Learn to Play Keyboard

Learning to play the keyboard is great fun due to the instruments huge versatility. It's the perfect starter instrument with it being small, compact and inexpensive to buy.

At Cranes, we provide keyboard tuition for everyone.

Playing the keyboard is great for younger children as the keys are easier to press - ideal for small fingers! Plus, you have so many sounds and backing styles to enhance your performance. Our keyboard lessons aren’t just for the kids though, our adult keyboard lessons will help you learn to play the keyboard too, because, with all the incredible features modern keyboards possess, you can bring the music you love to life, so it sounds like you have the whole band playing with you!

As well as all the fun benefits, we will still teach you all the necessary important stuff too, and if you'd like to, there are respected keyboard exams available. Our teachers can guide you through all that is required to take the exam confidently and successfully!

All our music lessons in Worcestershire are taught on a one-to-one basis, giving each student the teachers sole focus during the lesson and with over 30 years of experience, we are sure to give bring out your true musical potential.


Meet our teachers


Tessa Rowberry – Keyboard & Piano


Tessa has been playing and teaching piano for many years and enjoys all styles of music. Tessa studied under Hilary MacNamara at Colchester Institute where she trained to teach music in schools and later Jocelyn Halsall, a student of Arturo Michelangeli. Tessa really enjoys teaching children and more recently has seen an increasing number of adult students wanting to learn. Some taking it up again after a long break and others discovering the joys of music and its many benefits for the first time. It is well documented that learning to play a musical instrument helps promote mental health and protects against dementia.

Tessa also teachs Iyengar yoga which is complementary to music and helps develop good comfortable posture and technique as well as relaxation which is essential to playing music.

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Beth Gray – Piano & Keyboard

Beth has a degree in Primary Education, however her true passion lies in teaching piano and loves to encourage people to learn to play as well as have fun doing so! Having been a former student at Cranes herself, Beth has been teaching piano and keyboard here since 2011. Beth has a passion to help children and adults along their musical journey, whether it is learning for fun or to take grading exams. Beth always tries to adapt her teaching style in lessons to suit each students needs; whether it would be to focus on scales hands separately, or to break a piece of music up onto smaller sections for easier understanding.