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Technics KN5000 Pre-Owned


was £499.00




The Technics SX KN5000 keyboard is another first from Technics – a highly expressive digital keyboard with a large, multi-colour graphic display. This vivid LCD screen makes the keyboard’s functions easier to distinguish and select. A 3-Way speaker system with a special bass port provides rich, powerful bass sounds. The Music Stylist function puts over 1,000 different musical styles at your fingertips, enabling fantastic versatility and musical expression.

An Expansive Pallet of Sounds Featuring Digital Drawbars and New Accordion Register

The KN5000 has 290 vibrant sound presets and 15 drum kits, generated by Technics’ proven Dynamic PCM sound generator.

It virtually reproduces the tonal qualities of each musical instrument.

The new Acoustic Illusion Effect can make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the orchestra pit.

Choose a suitable type for each instrument, out of 4 Illusion types (Standard, Percussive, Symphonic and Deep Space).

For extra sound selection, you get not only the Digital Drawbars; Technics has now added ten registers to both the German and Italian accordion sounds to faithfully reproduce classic accordion sounds. And to create your own unique sounds, KN5000 offers you various parameters for editing the sounds, such as Pitch Envelope, Filter Envelope, and more.

3-Way Speaker System with Powerful Bass Port on the Technics SX KN5000 Keyboard

If you like deep, thundering bass, you’ll love the KN5000.

By adopting an independent speaker and 30W amplifier for the bass that is acoustically coupled to a powerful bass port, the deep down low frequencies are heavily intensified.

Furthermore, the separation allows for the faithful reproduction of the mid/high range.

The 3-Way Speaker System with Powerful Bass Port makes your music really come alive!

A Virtually Unlimited Variety of Musical Style – 200 Rhythms x 4 Variations!

The Right Rhythms for the Songs You Want to Play

Naturally, the KN5000 gives you great Rock , Big Band, Jazz, Gospel, Country and Latin rhythms, but it doesn’t stop there.

The newly revised rhythm pattern section features 200 patterns x 4 variations for a total of 800 accompaniment variations!

“Party Time” is a new category featuring crowd-pleasing dance rhythms like Country Line Dance, Bird Dance and Square Dance.

Another new category, “World”, showcases world-famous folk music styles such as Mariachi, Irish Jig and Russian Dance.

For each rhythm you can choose from among four variations , giving you an enormous range of possibilities.


  • The Technics SX KN5000 is a 61 Key keyboard with initial and after touch
  • Large colour display with intuitive user interface
  • Dynamic PCM sound generator with 64-voice polyphony
  • Assignable keyboard sections with memory bank
  • 290 preset sounds with 15 drum kits
  • 200 Rhythms x 4 variations in 15 groups
  • Composer section creates original rhythm patterns
  • Auto play chords adds automatic accompaniments to rhythms
  • Manual sequence pads add phrases with the pad buttons
  • Built-in sequencer for recording and play back
  • Effects section adds various effects to any sound
  • Built in speakers for direct monitoring
  • Pitch bend and modulation wheels
  • Built-in 3.5″ floppy disk drive
  • Front headphone output
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • Keyboard – 61 Touch Sensitive Keys
  • Polyphony – 64
  • Sounds – 1008
  • Styles – 200
  • Effects – 14 Types with variations
  • Audio Player – N/A
  • Recording – SMF
  • Playback – SMF
  • Registrations – 3 Banks x 20
  • Foot controller – Optional
  • USB – N/A
  • MIDI – In, Out & Thru
  • Amplification – 18w x2 + 30w Bass
  • Display – LCD