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Korg PA800 Pre-Owned



The new Pa800 is the complete Arranger keyboard for the professional musician. Intuitive, powerful, interactive with the most stunning sound ever produced by an Arranger keyboard.

Alone or in a combo setting, the Pa800 offers unprecedented expression and sonic excellence. The Style engine can add anything from a simple backbeat, an extra guitar strumming along, on up to a rollickin' R & B rhythm section to augment and enhance your performance GÇô in real time! And our XDS Crossfade Dual Songplayer guarantees the music never stops.

Transform a handful of musical ideas into complete backing tracks in minutes. The key is our dynamic sequencer. Freely switch between Style-driven "Quick Record"; traditional "Track at a time" workstation and "Step Entry/Edit" Modes without losing your data. This flexibility allows you to use all of the Pa composition tools to sculpt your song.

The Pa800 is your interactive production music library GÇô without any needle-drop charges or royalty clearance. Need to create fourteen seconds of flamenco dance? Need to fill a twelve second musical cue in a country/western bar? Need a thirty second donut of Brazilian dance music? With hundreds of musical Styles instantly available, your production chores just got easier.

Nothing puts an instrument to the test like a modern worship service. TC HELICON vocal effects and 3-part harmonies can transform your voice into a mini-choir to lead the congregation with confidence. A full array of sounds are available: grand piano, bells, strings, harps and trumpets along with plenty of solid keyboard sounds GÇô including electric pianos, harpsichord, and that all important drawbar organ! The Style engine can fill in for any missing member of your worship team. Add the Video Output option and project MIDI or text lyrics as you perform.

    • 950 pre-loaded sounds (plus 256 user locations)
    • 64 preset drum sounds (64 user-programmable kits)
    • 120-note polyphony
    • Stereo-sampled acoustic grand piano with string and damper resonance
    • 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch
    • 960 worldwide music Styles
    • Robust, colour 240 x 320 pixel TouchView screen for ease of use
    • XDS Dual Sequencer - load one sequence while the other plays
    • DJ-style crossfader for smooth transitions between sequences
    • Compatible with standard SMF or Karaoke files
    • Karaoke lyrics appear in the display or can be displayed on an external monitor using an optional video interface kit (VIF4)
    • Four simultaneous Master Effects (124 types)
    • TC-Helicon vocal effects - including three-part harmonization
    • Built-in 64 MB sampler reads WAV, AIFF, Korg and AKAI samples
    • Two user-assignable sliders; two assignable switches; joystick
    • Four audio outputs
    • Two balanced/unbalanced mic/line audio inputs - 1/4 inch jack
    • MIDI In/Out/Thru
    • USB: 2 Host Front/Rear (2.0 Hi Speed) and 1 Device Rear (1.1 Full Speed) connections
    • Hard Disk: Optional 2.5 inch ATA Hard Disk Drive - Require HDIK-1 installation kit
    • CD Player/Writer - Floppy Disk: Optional standard USB CD-Drives to be connected to USB Host port
    • Damper pedal input and user-assignable pedal input
    • Amplification: 2 x 22 W - Loudness - Fixed EQ
    • Speakers: 4 Speakers (10 cm Woofers Tweeters) - 2 way in Bass Reflex Box
    • Consumption: 40 Watt
    • Dimensions: 1110 / 43.7 (W) x 388 / 15.3 (D) x 181 / 7.1 (H) mm / inches without music stand
    • Weight: 13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs