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Korg PA2x Pro Pre-Owned




 76 semi-weighted keys with Velocity and Aftertouch

 OPOS (Objective Portable Operating System) and RX (Real eXperience) Technology – Multitasking, Load while play feature – Upgradable Operative System - SSD Solid State Disk

Tone Generator:
 KORG EDS (Enhanced Definition Synthesis) sound generator: 120 Voices, 120 Oscillators – Filters with Resonance - Three band EQ for each track

 4 Stereo Digital Multi-Effect systems – 124 Effects types plus VOCODER – Final semiparametric three band EQ - Voice Processor Technology by TC Helicon: Three-part Harmonizer, Reverb, Delay, Compressor, EQ, Gate

Sounds-Drum Kits:
 More than 950, including a Stereo Piano and GM Level 1 & 2 compatible Sounds, 63 Drum Kits - User area: 256 Sounds, 64 Drum Kits - Digital Drawbars: 9 Footages - Realtime controls: Assignable Sliders - Full editing of Sounds and Drum Kits - Sampling: Record, Edit, Time Slice, Load/Import of Korg, Wav, Aiff and Akai files - Export of Wav and Aiff files - PCM RAM Memory: 128 MB standard, expandable up to 256 MB with the optional EXB-M256 memory expansion board

 More than 400 preloaded Styles, SSD-resident, freely reconfigurable - Up to 960 available Style locations including the Favorite banks - Eight Style tracks, 4 Single Touch Settings, 4 Pads and one Style Performance per Style - Guitar Track mode, Parallel and Fixed NTT - Compatible with old "i-Series" and Pa series Style format - Style Record with Step Record, Track and Event Edit functions - Style controls: 3 Intros, 4 Variations, 3 Fills, 3 Endings, Synchro Start/Stop, Tap Tempo/Reset, Fade In/Out, Bass Inversion, Manual Bass, Tempo Lock, Memory, Accompaniment/Real Time Track Balance Volume, Accompaniment Mute, Drum Mapping, Snare & Kick Designation, Single Touch

 320 Realtime Performance locations - STS: Memorize Realtime tracks and Voice Processor settings, up to 4 x 960 Styles, up to 4 x SongBook entries

Realtime Tracks:
 Four Keyboard tracks (Upper 1, 2, 3, Lower) - 4 Pad tracks

Song Play:
 Patented XDS Crossfade Dual Sequencer Player compatible with SMF (formats 0 and 1), KAR and MP3 files - 2 Players with separate Select, Start/Stop, Home, Rewind and Fast Forward controls - X-Fader Balance control - Lyrics and Chord data can be displayed on-screen, or on an external video monitor (with VIF4 option installed) - Markers - Jukebox function

MP3 Player/Recorder:
 Double MP3 Player and MP3 Recorder. Possibility to Play two MP3 files at the same time in Song Play Mode with Real Time Transpose (+6/-5 semitones) and Tempo change(±30%). Record MP3 files including Styles, SMF, Real Time Tracks, Pads, Microphone and Effects

 Quick Record (Backing Sequence), Multitrack and Step Record functions - Full-featured sequencer - 16 tracks - Up to 200,000 events - SMF native format

 Fully programmable music database, based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, MP3 with automatic selection of Style Play and Song Play modes - User-definable custom lists - Filtering and Ordering options

 "i-Series" models: Styles - Pa series: Style, Performance, Program/Sound, Song, SongBook, Pad

Multi Pad:
 4 Assignable Pads + Stop Button. Pad Record function

Help System:
 Hypertextual, Contextual, Multilingual

General Controls:
 Master Volume, Real Time-Acc/Seq Balance Volume, Ensemble, Octave Transpose, Master Transpose, Style Change, Quarter Tone and Arabic Scale memorized inside Performance/STS - Realtime controllers: Joystick (pitch + modulation), 8 Assignable Sliders, MP3 Volume, 2 Assignable Switches, Dial, Up/+, Down/-

Control Inputs:
 Damper Pedal, Assignable Pedal/Switch, EC-5 (Programmable Multi-Switches)

Analog Output:
 Unbalanced/Balanced Jack Left/Mono, Right/Mono, Out 1, Out 2, Headphones (in the front panel)

Digital Output:
 S/P DIF (48 kHz - coaxial) mirroring the Main Stereo Outputs

Line Input:
 2 Unbalanced/Balanced Jack Left/Mono, Right/Mono

Microphone Input:
 Combo XLR balanced with Gain control (20 to 55 dB) and switchable Phantom Power

 In, Out, Thru standard Midi connectors- USB to Midi using the USB Device port - Individual track assignment - 8 user definable MIDI Setups

 2 USB Host Front/Rear (2.0 Hi Speed) and 1 USB Device Rear (1.1 Full Speed) connections

Hard Disk:
 Standard internal 2.5" ATA Hard Disk Drive

DVD-CD Player - Floppy Disk:
 Optional using standard USB DVD/CD/FD Drives to be connected to USB Host ports

 Motorized Tilt Display - Resolution: 320 x 240 pixels - Color TouchView Graphic Touch Screen

 Internal System Clock

 30 Watt

 1207 / 47.52" (W) × 365 / 14.37" (D) × 136 / 5.35" (H) mm / inch without music stand and with the display fully lowered

 18 kg / 39.68 lbs
  • 950 pre-loaded sounds (plus 256 user locations)
  • 64 preset drum sounds (64 user-programmable kits)
  • 120-note polyphony
  • Stereo-sampled acoustic grand piano with string and damper resonance
  • 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch
  • 960 worldwide music Styles
  • Robust, colour 240 x 320 pixel TouchView screen for ease of use
  • XDS Dual Sequencer - load one sequence while the other plays
  • DJ-style crossfader for smooth transitions between sequences
  • Compatible with standard SMF or Karaoke files
  • Karaoke lyrics appear in the display or can be displayed on an external monitor using an optional video interface kit (VIF4)
  • Four simultaneous Master Effects (124 types)
  • TC-Helicon vocal effects - including three-part harmonization
  • Built-in 64 MB sampler reads WAV, AIFF, Korg and AKAI samples
  • Two user-assignable sliders; two assignable switches; joystick
  • Four audio outputs
  • Two balanced/unbalanced mic/line audio inputs - 1/4 inch jack
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • USB: 2 Host Front/Rear (2.0 Hi Speed) and 1 Device Rear (1.1 Full Speed) connections
  • Hard Disk: Optional 2.5 inch ATA Hard Disk Drive - Require HDIK-1 installation kit
  • CD Player/Writer - Floppy Disk: Optional standard USB CD-Drives to be connected to USB Host port
  • Damper pedal input and user-assignable pedal input
  • Amplification: 2 x 22 W - Loudness - Fixed EQ
  • Speakers: 4 Speakers (10 cm Woofers Tweeters) - 2 way in Bass Reflex Box
  • Consumption: 40 Watt
  • Dimensions: 1110 / 43.7 (W) x 388 / 15.3 (D) x 181 / 7.1 (H) mm / inches without music stand
  • Weight: 13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs
  • Accessories: Manual, AC Power Cable, Music Stand, CD-Rom