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Casio PX870 Pre-Owned





The flagship of the world-renowned Privia line of digital pianos is designed to give you a true piano experience. With a revolutionary piano sound, a stylish slimline design and a dynamic new Sound Projection speaker system, the PX-870 redefines what a compact digital piano can do. 

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Casio PX-870 Privia digital piano front



The speaker system in the PX-870 faces forward and back, which provides a remarkably similar sound character to a traditional upright piano. A wide sound projection also makes the instrument suitable for classrooms, halls or other environments where an audience may be present.




Compatible with Android and iOS devices, Chordana connects to the PX-870 and teaches you to play in a fun, visual way. Follow the music score or piano roll notation at your own pace, with the app guiding you through each step. In addition to the 50 pieces included, the repertoire can be expanded with additional MIDI files. 


Practising with headphones is very popular, so the PX-870 incorporates a new automatic Headphone Mode.  The grand piano tone is remixed to better suit the binaural perception of the human ear, for a more natural sound.


Using real acoustic measurements, the Hall Simulator recreates the ambience and character of four famous concert halls. Experience the thrill of listening to these unique acoustics as you play.

  • 88 Keys with scaled hammer mechanics II (tri-sensor) synthetic ebony / ivory keyboard
  • 19 Sounds
  • Multi-dimensional morphing AiR sound generation
  • Volume sync EQ & headphone mode
  • 256-Voice polyphony
  • Audio recording / playback
  • Split and layer function
  • DSP
  • Chorus
  • Brilliance
  • Concert play
  • Hammer response
  • Damper resonance
  • String resonance
  • Case and key-off simulation
  • 60 Internal exercises
  • Transposer
  • Metronome
  • Duet fashion
  • 2 Headphone connections
  • Variable piano lid
  • 3 Pedals
  • USB to host
  • USB to device
  • Speaker: 20W + 20W
  • Dimensions including stand (W x D x H): 1393 x 299 x 801 mm
  • Weight: 34.3 kg
  • Colour: Black matte
  • Includes music holder and power supply AD-E24250LW