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Yamaha CVP107 Pre-Owned

Yamaha CVP107 Pre-Owned
Yamaha CVP107 Pre-Owned Yamaha CVP107 Pre-Owned


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Yamaha CVP107 Pre-Owned

This is a fine example of a Yamaha CVP107 Clavinova Piano. The model was introduced into the Yamaha piano range in 1999 and was ground-breaking at the time.

Yamaha Clavinovas offer all the touch response and beautifully rich, detailed piano sound you want. Plus a great deal more, including a full orchestra of superb quality digitally sampled instruments, and a whole host of advanced auto accompaniment features. You get all the convenience of a digital instrument: no need for costly tuning, greater portability, and you can use headphones, so you can play any time you like without disturbing the family or your neighbors.

Plug in to some sing-along fun

Connect a Clavinova to your TV, pop a karaoke floppy disk into the drive and you've got your own home karaoke center. Song lyrics are displayed on-screen, so the entire family can get together for real sing-along entertainment. What's more, you can even get some other instruments out (maybe dad's old guitar!) and play along with the songs for a whole new style of karaoke experience.

If you're going to study, there's no place like home

The Clavinova features an extensive learning support system including guide lamps over the keyboard. Right from day one, the kids - or even granddad - can learn by playing real music instead of practice pieces, making it fun and enjoyable to study. There's even a built-in recorder so you can record your performance and see how you're doing, and save it to floppy disk to build up a continuing progress report.